Turbulence DYNamics around wind turbine blades

Le 06/06/2017

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Scientific Subject



B. Lecordier, C. Lacour, E. Varea, L. Danaila

Financial support

Normandy Region, France


Coherent structures, time-resolved 3DPIV, wind turbines, turbulence theory

Research program

Neptune, Europe


L. Danaila

Project summary

The PhD subject proposed in CORIA is a fundamental research project, which aims at quantifying the dynamical behavior of the flow around a blade as a function of the turbulent upstream flow. This upstream flow may contain different families of coherent structures, or may feature a mean shear due to the presence of a large-scale boundary layer. Such situations are representative of wind and marine turbine farms. However, these phenomena are not presently taken into account in the global performance models. To investigate the interactions of the upstream turbulence with the blade, an original approach will be followed : high-fidelity optical diagnostics will be interactively combined with the analysis of the conditioned kinetic energy budget. This novel approach will be complemented with state-of-the-art analysis tools such as Proper Orthogonal Decomposition or Dynamic Mode Decomposition that will be applied to such flow for the first time.


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