Effect of combustible and flame-flame interaction on thermo-acoustic response of swirl flames to longitudinal and transversal acoustic modes

Le 17/05/2018

Jean-Bernard Blaisot  •  ico

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Site Universitaire du Madrillet, 76801 Saint Etienne du Rouvray,

TASC Department (Turbulence, Atomization& Sprays, Chaos),
Atomization & Spray Group


F. Baillot (baillot@coria.fr, +33 232 953 682),
J.B. Blaisot (blaisot@coria.fr, +33 232 953 676),
E. Domingues (domingues@coria.fr, +33 232 953 677)


Acoustic forcing, two-phase flows, swirl flames, evaporation rate, flame-flame interaction.


Oct. 2018 - Oct. 2021


The control of combustion thermo-acoustic instabilities remains a crucial scientific challenge in the context of technological constrains impose to the engines of the future. Few studies are devoted to the coupling mechanisms involving swirling two-phase reacting flows in lean conditions whereas this type of energetic system, strongly unstable, is becoming generalized. In that context, the objective of this PhD proposal is to answer two major questions in the case of multi-injection : what is the impact of flame-flame interaction and what is the influence of the liquid fuel on combustion dynamics when controlled transverse acoustic flames are imposed ?

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PhD CORIA Thermo Acoustics Combustion Flames

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